Two oh seventeen.

There are only really two occasions for which I usually get all pensive and reflective. One is listening to Florence + the Machine staring out the window of a long haul flight- there’s nothing quite like a bit of altitude to get all emotional and introspective (don’t you dare judge me).

But the second, this glorious Christmas break. On a spiritual level, I’m agnostic as anything, but I figure nothing washes down new baby potatoes and potentially foul egg nog (which I’m having a crack at tomorrow) like a few lashings of atonement.

Of course, I’m not necessarily the norm. Well not after a few years of blogging anyway. But for some reason, maybe it’s familiarity or the feeling of the same old same old, that the reflections and celebrations of another Christmas and horizon of a new year go from 100 watts to 20 watts by the time you actually get to the 31st of December.

Case in point: Recently asking around the work office what the plans are for the festive season, the majority rules response was “nothing, just staying around home”. I found this so dismaying for some reason that I immediately brought in a Mariah Carey impersonator to serenade them.

365 days aren’t always cupcakes and Jesus Juice. And 2017 has certainly been the year of getting stuff wrong and stuff right. Most humans with opinions do. But I always relish in kicking up a fuss. Especially if it involves longer days, coronas in the chully bun, and a chance to explore this beautiful backyard of ours.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the rooster. My year, which according to proverb, is bad luck because “the year of one’s birth sign does not bode well”. Safe to say I told that rooster to go back to the farm and stick it’s astrology signs right up its clucker.

My point is that for this end-of-year roundup, I couldn’t give a bee’s burp what you did or didn’t do this year- round 2018 is coming in thick and fast. It’s YOUR chance to be a better version of yourself in whatever capacity that may entail. It’s a chance to hit the reset button as the clock hits midnight and to get all nostalgic with a glass of vino in your hands and a friend and family member on either side.

And in case after all of that, you’re struggling to figure out what made your 2017 kick-arse, here are my top four memories of the year that will hopefully give your 2017 reflections and 2018 aspirations a figurative tequila shot.

Exploring my backyard

This year we did some fantastic trips around Aotearoa. Up to the Coromandel, across to New Plymouth, kind of straight-ish up to Rotorua, Auckland, and Taupo and down to Wellington. Get in your car if you have a few days up your sleeve. There are some gorgeous parts of the country just waiting to be explored! GO! QUICK!

Exploring someone else’s backyard

We took Thailand by the horns this year. It was all kinds of noodles and delicousness.

Detox retreat prison 
Patong Beach Ping Pong show 
Paying $10,450 for a hotel laundry service 
Questionable street food stalls 
Learning Thai 101 from a massage therapist 

If that doesn’t leave you craving more, I don’t know what will.

Click here for more if you’re hungry.

But not here.

Walking 500 miles

We walked a number of trails this year which was incredibly good for the soul. Some of us underestimate how good nature, clean air and a good dose of vitamin D is. I’m a big fan of 50 shades of greenery in every capacity of the word. This year it was the mighty Mount Tongariro, the Putangirua Pinnacles, Mount Tauhara and Rangiwahia Hut.

Sharing in other’s special moments

God I’ve got some great people in my life. They celebrated 21sts, graduations, being another year older, hens parties, weddings, babies and just all round awesomeness. And it was truly wonderful to be a part of every single special occasion (probably not the baby thing, but like, after the baby was born).


Regardless what you did or didn’t do this year, what extravagant diamond encrusted BMW you did or didn’t buy or what someone told you you were meant to do with your life. What you should have got from your year was a memory. One that may have shaped you, allowed you to grow, made you smile, or made you cry. It’s important to hold on to those and be obnoxious with them. Because heck, you knocked off another year of awesomeness. Some of us on this earth didn’t, and that’s what should make it more precious. Don’t blame 2017 for just being another year. Give it a curtsey and continue on being kick-arse.

Oh! And before you go, I documented two oh seventeen by taking a photo of myself every day (JK guys- I’m not that vain…)

Cheery Mistmas guys- you’ve earned it.

D x

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