Cinderella eat your heart out.

Hi there,

I think it’s probably about time that I reintroduced myself to you all, but this time as Mrs Danielle Wyness aka Cinderella.

19 March 2022 will forever hold a bloody special place in my heart and not just because of the mini burgers and other assortment of canapes that I devoured in the afternoon but because of the vow I made to be a wife and a Wyness.

I tell you what though, the build up of celebrations for one day did go from 100 watts to about 20 watts in the months since once you are actually married and have earned your stripes as a wife. But in no way would I trade that day for anything else – 10/10 recommend.

Marriage hits different now, other than the fact that I feel the need to say “that’s my husband” in some weird texan accent, but moreso because I have an offical life partner, someone to do all the every day stuff with for the rest of my life. And for me, feeling the warm fuzzies whenever I say that out loud means I’ve found the right person to do that with (awkward if I hadn’t because otherwise that would have been a very expensive lesson).

There’s always the question that plagues us newlyweds – “How’s married life going?” To be honest it’s something I have difficulty answering with just a “good” or “bad” or “I hate it” or “it’s the best thing in the world!”

If you had asked me how married life was the other day when he made me dinner and washed the dishes, I would have said something along the lines of “married life is the bomb!” If you had asked me this morning when without fail the toilet needed to be bombed right after it was cleaned I would have said “this sucks I hate it”.

I’m sure that if you asked my other half what married life was like the day I ripped his favorite underwear in half because I was able to see his balls hanging out, I’m sure he would have told you to stay single if you want to keep your clothes in one piece. However, he would have told you that married life is the perfect partnership this week when I made him the best bacon and egg pie known to man to the envy of all his work colleagues.

So to answer your question: married life is how you take every single moment of every single day.

I know the real work starts now though.

For example: I recently texted a mate to wish her and her husbo a happy anniversary. She text back saying: We both forgot. Of course I found this so dismaying that I immediately sent over a Celine Dion impersonator to serenade the two.

I know marriage isn’t always going to be cupcakes and Jesus juice, but I also know how important it is to show each other your marriage is a priority, and that you swill always love them.

My husband and I will take any excuse to kick up a fuss, especially if it involves a weekend away, or a new restaurant or drinking strong, well-mixed alcohol in elegant glasses. Take last Friday for example. While we now have a new anniversary to celebrate, you best believe we went out and stuffed our faces just because four years had passed since we made it Facebook official.

I don’t think we’ll give a bee’s burp about the gifts you’re ‘meant’ to give one another as each year comes along, like paper, silver, or leather, or insect wings, but what I do want is a ‘memory’ – a commemoration of us and all we have achieved in another year of marriage by doing something.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Cinderella, there’s a new kid on the block.

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