About she


Welcome to danielle balmer– brought to you by the letter D (duh).

Danielle is known as the national mince and cheese pie eating champion of the world.

She’s also known to lie about things she’s known for so let’s just disregard that.

Some things that aren’t lies about Danielle include being a communicative storyteller (and even having a $40,000 piece of paper to prove it), she’s on the fence about being a dog or a cat lover having had both, she dabbles in a bit of travel and one day aspires to put words from a keyboard into an actual paper-esqe book.

Danielle has spent the majority of her baby-career online and this blog is still learning to walk. At 4 years old this blog is where you can catch a glimpse into her thoughts, feelings, qualms, bees in bonnet and everything in between in a non creepy Peeping Tom kind of way.

Some other facts about Danielle that you probably don’t give a cat’s whisker about:

  • Her favourite movie is the Wizard of Oz (shut up, there IS no place like home).
  • She’s the Britney Bitch of sarcasm (sometimes it gifts you a lot of friends, sometimes it just irritates your mother).
  • She lives with her husband Homer and 3 kids in Springfield.

So prepare your eyeballs for some exciting content, and remember to never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

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